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We focus our specialized knowledge in mobile marketing, usability, and our own AdServer technology to help you attract more customers, increase conversion rates, and dominate your competition.

At CatervApp we are dedicated to show you the impact and results that a well-designed campaign can have on your bottom line by tracking and optimizing your user acquisition.

Strategic mobile marketing and an optimized campaign can completely turnaround your business and give you the advantage to thrive beyond your competition.

All CatervApp products and services are in-house creations, allowing us to offer highly competitive conditions and result perspectives. With no intermediaries, there is less cost for you and therefore a larger budget to invest in advertising.

Earn higher monthly eCPMs. Pay Gateway is our payment solution especially designed for mobile online products. It is a trustful, proven and a simple to use tool that offers the best pay-out options, without set-up nor monthly fees.

We offer tailored payment methods with up to 3,000 payment options through 350 payment methods in more than 90 countries. All with local market needs at mind, we offer methods such as SMS or Offer Wall options that are essential when working in emerging markets.

Adschemist is our very own SDK AdServer Analytical Platform specialized in driving targeted traffic for your mobile products. Managing your ad network mediation and ad serving has never been easier nor more effective.

  • High precision targeting campaigns segmented by country, time, type of internet connection, device or specialized channels. Thanks to our revolutionary AdServer you can direct your advertising campaign to those users that belong to your target.
  • Reach international markets thanks to the best affiliation networks including our own. We can provide campaigns for all users regardless of their country or language.
  • We handle around 1.2 million monthly impressions and 80 million clicks per month
  • Receive real-time analytics including CPC, CPA, CMP, CPL, conversions, ratios, and also obtain data regarding traffic sources
  • Transparent traffic results that allow you to analyse effectiveness, traffic sources and access only the traffic that is relevant to your business
  • With no intermediaries, decrease your costs and increase your ROI! Our products and services are in-house developments.
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We customize your campaigns based on your specific needs and budget. We believe that client collaboration is essential to create successful campaigns.


Gain users and drive traffic from the worldwide arena. CatervApp’s own network registers daily growth rates accounted by the thousands worldwide. We can provide campaigns for all users regardless of their country or language.

– Our influence reaches Latin America, Spain, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine or Turkey, amongst others.


Adschemist maximizes advertising revenue for your APP or Browser Games and allows you to easily drive targeted traffic. CatervApp has developed its very own SDK AdServer Analytical Platform that allows you to set-up and access your campaigns in real-time.

– We secure the most cost-effective and tailored installation services for your mobile users in impact-based campaigns. And, if you have a mobile game and are seeking to add quality users, the CatervApp CPA, CPI and CPM service will achieve all the custom segmented users you need in our regions of influence.


– Our reporting system allows you to understand how your users interact with your APP Game and is designed to optimize campaign performance.

– Our analytics tool enables you to easily measure your audience reach, segmentation, engagement, retention, conversion tracking, revenue performance, revenue and much more. All the tools you need in a single platform!

– But that is not all, we also offer you the possibility to reinvest your revenue in new campaigns.


– Turn your developers into advertisers with CatervApp’s exclusive Affiliate Programme option. We give you the chance to run your own affiliate program and create a revenue sharing program.

Are you an Advertiser?

– Are you looking for the best APP Games on the market to advertise your brands? CatervApp has already developed premium campaigns for major advertisers such as BMW, Audi or Coca-Cola.

– Please fill-in the below questionnaire and one of our experts will contact you to let you know how CatervApp can help you achieve your goals.

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